Paris – the pleasure of eating

Paris – the pleasure of eating

"Paris-restaurants"France, and especially the charming city of Paris are world wide famous for having the most delicious gastronomy, which is probably a reputation that perfectly matches with its breathtaking landmarks. Despite what most of the people might think, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to satisfy your palate; there are literally hundreds of cafes and restaurants ranging from haute cuisine to small bakery shops, where it is possible to get quality food to delight all your travel companions no matter what your budget is.

Staying in apartments in Paris could give you a big headache trying to figure out what restaurant to go to,; as French traditional gastronomy includes an extensively large amount of dishes and specialties that make it very difficult to choose from. However the best thing to do is to dare going out and enter the first attractive restaurant on the way, you won’t be disappointed, but if you are not the adventurous kind, you can just get a restaurant guide, they are normally available at the Office de Tourisme and are free of charge.

Patisseries and cafes, get specially crowded during the breakfast time in the city, wide varieties of pastries, bread, cheese and cold meats are part of the traditional French breakfast, all of these are accompanied by a cup of coffee, will give you the needful energy to start a long day of sightseeing around the city.

"Paris cafe"

With so much beauty all over the city and the thousands of tourist places to visit in the city, it is just normal to feel like having a snack on the way. You will find numerous bistros all around the city, where you will easily get delighted with the delicious French sandwiches; made with the traditional baguettes, fresh vegetables, fine cheeses and cold meats. The perfect way to refill batteries and continue the adventure.

While roaming around the residential areas of Paris, away from the hot spots of the city, it will make sense to visit a local restaurant, where authentic gourmet dishes can be purchased at very reasonable prices. Ask for the famous “Menu du Jour”, which is a set meal cooked with fresh seasonal vegetables and meat, normally accompanied by a glass of wine.

Evening meals in Paris are a very exciting activity to experience; this is the moment, in which you have to be a little less concern about your budget and head to a nice Haute Cuisine restaurant. Following the right order of appetizer, entrée, main course and dessert along with suitable wine, is crucial to fully get to a magical stage of ecstasy in which all your senses are completely satisfied.

Allow yourself to enjoy the best of the French cuisine while roaming around in Paris; there is no excuse to refrain from the pleasures of French food. Even when traveling on budget, you can rent one of the Paris apartments, get fresh vegetables, wine and cheese, and enjoy the pleasure of eating.

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