Plan Ahead for a Stress Free Holiday

Plan Ahead for a Stress Free Holiday

"holiday-stress free"It can be a real chore sometimes booking a holiday and getting all of the finer details sorted can sometimes take all the joy out the anticipation of going away in the first place.

This is why it is crucial that you make sure that you approach your holiday booking in an organised manner. If you make sure that you cover every base in a methodical and logical way then you will soon be able to plough through the list of things that are needed to be done when you book your holiday abroad.

As a quick reminder here is a list of the things that you might need to think about if you are planning your holiday at the moment:

  • Your passports. Check that all of your passports are up to date now, to avoid the rush of getting a passport updated at the very last minute.
  • Check the weight allowance of your airline and pack accordingly. This will save you excess baggage charges when you check in for your flight.
  • If you have any special meal requirements then book these with your airline and your accommodation as soon as you can so that they have plenty of time to cater for your needs.
  • Make sure that you and your family are all up to date with your vaccinations and also check to see if you need any special vaccinations to cover you for the place where you will be flying to.
  • If you take medication check that you have enough to last you for the duration of your holiday.
  • If you are driving to airport make sure that you book your airport parking now so you will be able to guarantee yourself a space at the car park that you want. Most of the major UK airports have airport parking and you will be able to choose from Heathrow car parking, airport parking at Gatwick and Luton parking

If you try and make sure that you have covered all of the bases in plenty of time before you are due to take your holiday then you will be able to save yourself a lot of stress and this means that you will be able to sit rack and revel in the anticipation of you holiday.

If you are like me then half of the fun of going away is looking forward to it, so make sure that you allow yourself this little luxury and plan ahead to make sure that there are no last minute panics.

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