Playing tennis in winter

Playing tennis in winter

20131110_111226I’ve been asked to write a review of sport clothing by Tesco Compare travel insurance. I was able to choose two pieces of garment for myself and I went for grey fleece storm 32” pants and a bright pink fleece storm hoodie. 

I was very excited to receive them. I do enjoy outdoors every weekend and I play tennis on the outside courts at least four times a month year round. In the autumn and winter months I need to make sure I wrap up warm before I go out a do any exercise.


I’ve worn both the pants and hoodie on a few occasions already. The weather is usually quite nippy at this time of the year but I must admit the duo kept me well “insulated” throughout the game. I usually play two or three hours with no breaks so I need to not only be warm but also comfortable. Both of the pieces of clothing stayed in place the whole time and I felt really comfortable while playing tennis. The sweatpants and hoodie keep you warm but at the same time they feel light and give you freedom of movement. The pants are built from a soft, brushed fabric with an inner layer that wicks sweat out to the smooth fast-drying surface where it can evaporate. In a result you stay drier and more comfortable. The hoodie is made of water-resistant UA Storm technology (repels rain & snow). The water beads right off of the outside to keep you warmer, drier and down for anything that Mother Nature throw at you. These are good pieces of clothing for outdoor activities and they can be a great Christmas gift for someone like me, who refuses to stay on the sofa despite the weather.

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