The most popular amusement parks in Europe

The most popular amusement parks in Europe

"rollercoaster"Port Aventura, Spain

Port Aventura is a family park located near the cities Salou and Tarragona on the Costa Dorada in Spain, just a few dozen kilometres south from Barcelona. You can find around hundred attractions at this park, including the largest roller coaster in Europe, called Dragon Khan, a wooden roller coaster Stampida, or fired tower Hurakan Condor.

In a few hours you can take a trip around the world and visit exotic countries such as China, Mexico, and islands of Polynesia. Port Aventura has not only rides, roller coasters and swings but also more than hundred different shows, including cancan, Chinese acrobatics and dances of the Polynesian tribes.

Port Aventura tickets start from £35, so it is not that much for a whole day of fun! Port Aventura is open daily from mid-March to 2nd of November and during the Christmas and New Year. In the remaining time is only open on Saturdays and Sundays. In the summer, the opening hours are 10 am to 12pm, and off-season is 10am to 7pm.

"PortAventura, Tarragona, Spain -Stampida Ride tourism destinations"

Europa Park, Germany

Europa-Park is the second most popular theme park in Europe. It is located about 40 kilometres from Freiburh, Germany, in the small town of Rust. The park is divided into twelve topics, each of which is one the European countries and its culture, tradition, architecture, and vegetation. Europa-Park covers an area of seventy hectares, and its various parts are connected by train. The park is easiest reached by car: from the north – the A5 towards Basel and then exit 57b to Rust, in the south should take the direction to Frankfurt.

In the summer the park is open from 9am to 6pm, and in the winter season (26/11-8/1) from 11am to 7pm.

"Europa-Park, Germany"

Disneyland, Paris, France

I think when we were children we all dreamed of shaking hands with Mickey Mouse and listen to Goofy’s laugh. Sadly then, the Disneyland was only available for American kids or those who have wealthy parents. Now, we can take our kids to European Disneyland, which is located in the suburbs of Paris in Marne-la-Vallee. Access to this theme park is fairly easy from most of the places in Europe. For those living in London for example, it’s a matter of jumping on the Eurostar train and after couple of hours a family can enjoy a meal at the Disneyland.

At the Paris Disneyland, you can meet all your beloved Disney characters and enjoy an abundance of activities for the whole family, including rides such as Indiana Jones rollercoaster of the House of Fear.

The EuroDisney tickets start from £42. Disneyland is open all year round, from 8am to 8pm (10pm at the weekends), and from 8 am to 10am the park is only open to the guests staying at the hotels located in Disneyland.

"disneyland paris"

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