Road trip: Route 66

Road trip: Route 66

"route-66"The best way to explore the United States is by car. I am planning to present a few road trip routes on my blog in the weeks to come as I strongly believe that there is no better way of finding out about the history of the US or meeting exciting people than through travelling around this great country by some sort of vehicle. The first route I want to talk about is the famous Route 66. The is one more thing you need to remember about before planning holidays in the US, mainly visa. You can do it using esta (Electronic System for Travel Authorization).

Running from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California, Route 66 was inaugurated, bun 1926. Immortalized in song and story, much of Route 66 has been replaced by other highways, but you can still drive parts of it. This route is synonymous with freedom and wide open country, cruisers and ‘Easy Rider’, neon signs and diners. It is in short, the symbol of a nation whole identity is characterized by being on the road. The West of the US was all about promises and aspirations, a paradise on earth, whereas ‘Go California’ was the motto and Route 66 was the way there.

The length of the route is approximately 4,000 km, excluding detours and it usually takes 3 weeks to get from Chicago to Santa Monica. All you need is a working car, spare tire, loads of water (for a hangover after spending a night in Las Vegas), and a prepaid phone card (in case you are driving through a desert and you run out of fuel and water!).  Here is a list of places and cities you should explore while traveling Route 66, the length of your stay in each place will obviously depend on the time you have.

"Route 66 map"

  1. Chicago
  2. Springfield, capital of Illinois
  3. St Louis, largest city in the state of Missouri
  4. Meramec Caverns, the largest stalactite caves in the US
  5. Branson, the third-largest city in Missouri
  6. Joplin, Missouri
  7. Tulsa, ‘Oil capitol of the World’
  8. Oklahoma City, capital of Oklahoma
  9. Clinton, the most interesting Route 66 museums on the whole trip
  10. Palo Duro Canyon State Park, ‘Grand Canyon of Texas’
  11. Fort Sumner
  12. Santa Fe, the second-oldest city in the US and the capital of New Mexico
  13. Albuquerque, the largest city in New Mexico
  14. Laguna Pueblo, a Keresan pueblo made up of six villages
  15. Acoma Pueblo, considered the most attractive pueblo
  16. Hubbel Trading Post
  17. Petrified Forest National Park, the park offers insight into a geological world that is 200 million years old
  18. Winslow, a huge crater created by a meteorite
  19. Sunset Crater, a bizarre volcanic landscape
  20. Wupatki National Monument
  21. Flagstaff, city on the southern edge of the San Francisco Mountains popular for gold diggers
  22. Hoover Dam, the largest embankment dam in the world
  23. Las Vegas, no explanation needed
  24. Barstow
  25. San Bernardino
  26. Santa Monica, in 1935 Route 66 was extended from Los Angeles to Santa Monica

San Diego….if you have plenty of time, it is worth continuing to San Diego…


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