Shopping in Berlin Seriously Pleasurable

Shopping in Berlin Seriously Pleasurable

"Kudamm_Berlin"If you’re unaware Berlin has revitalized its shopping experience to attract global tourists, prepare to get enlightened. Better yet, book your excursion. Lease one of the Berlin apartments. Prepare your subconscious for seriously pleasurable shopping. You can read this on the plane!

What do you want? What can’t you live without? You’ll find it in Kufurstendamm (a.k.a. Ku’Damm) touted as Berlin’s most elite shopping district. Superior stores juxtapose with souvenir shops, quaint boutiques and more. Take a tip from citizens and venture down side streets to obtain best buys.

You can while away hours browsing the six floors of KaDeWe a.k.a. Berlin’s version of Harrods London. You will have a dizzy adventure scoping out over 380,000 luxurious items, under the roof of continental Europe’s largest department store. Reportedly the merchandise is dear, so have your gold card handy! Pick up a store layout as you enter and proceed to the 6th floor Feinschmeceretage, for death by Berlin decadence. Or, just order a sausage sandwich and beer for enough energy to traverse exquisite KaDeWe.

Wherever you wander, it’s wise to follow the locals down roads less traveled by tourists. Berlin locals recommend Friedrichshain, a haven for local craftsmen and designers on their way up. Ambiance is peaceful compared to hustle-bustle city shopping. Writers, designers and photographers will find themselves in their equivalent of “7th heaven” at Schoene Schreibwaren, a tasteful shop specializing in exquisite pens, pencils, leather goods and digital prints. Also on the plus side, Friedrichshain is more budget-friendly than upscale department stores.

"wilmersdorfer berlin"

By this time, if you’ve still got a few coins burning holes in your pocket get into your casual attire. Prepare to haggle with vendors at the Raw-Tempel flea market. Mosey about and inspect stalls crammed with gently owned clothing, handcrafted jewelry and original art. If you’re into unique clothing, Ting Ding Atelier is the closest thing to secret shopping you’ll find in Berlin. Their concept is one-of-a-kind design transformation of old to new. Starting with used shirts, jumpers or pants, they re-vision castoffs into scene-stealing, inexpensive clothing your friends will envy.

When you’re up for a leisurely shopping experience, go to Europa Center and prepare to get wowed. On the 20th floor, act typically touristy and stare through “Berlin Windows”. (For premier viewing, one must get a go-with glass of bubbly!) You’ll find it interesting that Europa Center is more than the sum of its beckoning 70 shops. The building itself is listed as a Berlin landmark.

Save energy to trek to Wilmersdorfer Strasse, a landmark street that was almost demolished during World War II. The refurbished area now thrives and is home to Wilmersdorfer Arkaden mall. From specialty shoppes to discount stores to extravagant extras, you’ll have a fabulous experience exploring Berlin’s “oldest shopping street”. Fashionistas, get your mojo humming at the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden. Where else could one expect three floors of alluring shops, offering quality name brands like Espirit, Zara and Mango?

Unfortunately, all good things will and must end. As seriously pleasurable shopping days in Berlin wind to a close, give your departing self a bon voyage at Nola’s. This restaurant is acclaimed for sitting in a red-and-white striped lawn chair and seeing Berlin’s gorgeous sunset. Afterwards, return to your apartments in Berlin satiated and satisfied.

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