Street Art in the Old Jewish quarter in Budapest

Street Art in the Old Jewish quarter in Budapest

"Old Jewish quarter in Budapest"Budapestis widely known for the rich cultural heritage in a very classical way. The legacy of composers such as Franz Liszt and Béla Bartók or sights such as the BudaCastleor the many spas and thermal baths are what attracts many of the visitors who rent Budapest apartments. However, there is another more contemporary urban side ofBudapest. Street art in all its forms is up and coming in the Hungarian capital. Especially in the old Jewish Quarter, today known as the VII and VIII district, you will find a lot of street art, but also you have the opportunity to discover a special atmosphere in a more secluded part of the city.  

Some of the sights in remembrance of the Jewish history that one shouldn’t miss are:

Great Synagogue – There are 3 synagogues in this district, but the biggest and most impressive one of them is the one inDohány Street. It fits 6000 people and the service is held in Hebrew. Also interesting to point out is that it is a neolog synagogue where men and women are seated in separate areas to pray.

"interior of Budapest great synagogue"

Jewish Museum – near the Great Synagogue on the left is the Jewish Museum. Through old documents and other relics as well as changing exhibitions one can retrace the Jewish history inBudapest.

Heroes’ Temple – Through an arcade the museum is connected to the Heroes’Temple which is the newest of the synagogues built here and is much more modern in style. It honors the Jewish soldiers who fought forHungary in World War I.

Tree of Life in the Raoul Wallenberg Park – The park is named after a Swedish diplomat who helped many Jews to escape from deportation. On the almost 30 000 leaves of the trees you will find names engraved of those who died or disappeared during the Nazi terror.

"Old Jewish quarter Budapest"

It is somewhat of a nice connection that much of the street art is found in this neighborhood. As much of the monuments that remember the Jewish history are also a reminder of a terrible past street art is often used to criticize society and politics. When you rent apartments in Budapest visit the Jewish quarter, a hidden treasure where old and new come together in the image of this beautiful city.


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