Surfing in San Sebastian

Surfing in San Sebastian

surfer san sebastianSan Sebastian is, without a doubt, one of the most attractive cities in northern Spain. This small city with a population of around 170,000 is part of the Basque Country and lies very close to Bilbao.

It’s the perfect place to for a short break. Whether you enjoy the beach, the mountains or just wandering the streets of a welcoming new city, it’s certainly a good option for your next holiday. If you’re thinking of paying San Sebastian a visit, why not take a look at the guide available at, a site with all the information you need to plan your trip.

Of all types of tourism, it’s the surfing holiday which is really on the up. While the city has always been popular with lovers of the sport, in recent years it has become a true surfers’ paradise.

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Every summer, more and more people congregate on San Sebastian’s beaches to surf, especially on Zurriola, which offers the best waves of the city’s three beaches. Various surfing competitions also take place here each year, attracting the top names in the sport. If you want to try surfing for yourself, it’s a good idea to choose accommodation close to the beach, in the Gros neighbourhood. Here you’ll find plenty of apartments to let as well as a few hotels.

But San Sebastian has far more to offer than just surfing; the city has some of the top restaurants in Spain, and in the whole world. Famous chefs including Arzak, Berasategui and Arguiñano have restaurants here. In the city’s Parte Vieja, or Old Town neighbourhood you can sample the famous pintxos, a kind of miniature cuisine which is very traditional to this part of Spain.

On Monte Igueldo you’ll find a pretty and very unique fairground. This old fashioned funfair is perched on the highest point of the hill from where you can enjoy the best views in the entire city.

Although Playa de la Concha isn’t the biggest draw for surfers, it’s one of the most famous beaches in  Spain, and is often named as one of the world’s best city beaches.

If you still haven’t made plans for this year’s Summer holidays, why not give San Sebastian a try?

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