Ten unmissable things to do in Hong Kong

Ten unmissable things to do in Hong Kong

"hong kong river"One of the most exciting cities in the world, Hong Kong has no shortage of experiences to offer travellers. Whether it’s music, food, arts or clubbing, you’re sure to find it among Hong Kong’s bright lights and towering skyscrapers. If you’re booking a stay in Hong Kong hotels anytime soon, here are ten of the must-see things to see and do:

1.       Sail on a junk

Traditional Chinese fishing boats can be chartered by tourists for a relaxing day on Hong Kong’s waterways, exploring all 260 of the city’s islands if you have time!

2.       Meet a giant Buddha

The bronze Tian Tin Buddha, which looks over the city from Lantau Island, is 34m tall and weighs in at 250 tons, making it one of the biggest seated Buddha statues in the world.

3.       Eat at the Jumbo Kingdom floating restaurant

 A masterpiece of architecture, this enormous floating eatery on Aberdeen Harbour is styled after an ancient Chinese imperial palace.

"hong kong skyline"

4.       Have fun at Ocean Park

The cable car ride to this huge marine park offers spectacular views of the city, and once inside you can enjoy dozens of rides and attractions all day long.

5.       Shop on Hollywood Road

This central street is filled with dozens of antique shops where you can find all kinds of antiques and curios to bring home with you.

6.       Make friends with turtles at the Zoological Gardens

Not just turtles, but pythons, alligators, sloths and an impressive complement of apes, monkeys and birds make their home at Hong Kong’s Zoological Gardens.

7.       Look over the city from its tallest building

The International Commerce Centre, which stretches up nearly half a kilometre in the air, also has a cocktail bar on its 118th floor – catch amazing night-time views of neon-lit Hong Kong.

8.       Pray at Wong Tai Shin Temple

Dedicated to the Taoist healing deity Wong Tai Shin, this temple is also one of Hong Kong’s biggest and most popular – possibly due to its reputation for answering pilgrims’ prayers.

9.       Go hiking

The inner city may be bustling 24/7, but just a few miles away hikers can find tranquillity and great natural beauty in the trails of the National China Geopark.

10.   Festival time!

Whether it’s Chinese New Year, the Spring Lanterns, the birthday of Confucius, the Dragon Boats or the Hungry Ghosts, festival season in Hong Kong is not to be missed.

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