The best things about Australia

The best things about Australia

"Great Ocean Road & Twelve Apostoles"Australia is called ‘the lucky country’ for its abundance of raw materials, sunshine, and natural wonders. Although too young to offer historical treasures, it has begun to celebrate the Aboriginal culture, including its rock art, while still clinging to its image as a country of settlers. There are many things about Australia that people who live there or just visit this vast country cherish the most.


The destination that is foremost on many visitors’ minds is the outback, the wide-open spaces of the interior of semiarid brushland and red earth, rocks and dry trees. This is where many Aborigines live, where huge sheep stations spread out, here seemingly endless trucks roll by, where kangaroos jump and wild dromedaries graze.

"Outback Australia"


Sydney is special, and not only because of the modern architecture of the Opera House. Since the harbor has been modernized and its cargo and wooden docks have been replaced little by little by entertainment complexes the city has become a great tourist magnet. The city’s green spaces, including Royal Botanic Garden and Hyde Park, old quarter, and port, along with its outrageousness and cultural attractions complete its renown as the most interesting city of the country.


Alice Springs (for its location in the heart of the desert), Melbourne (for its urbanism and botanic gardens), Adelaide (for Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute and its location at the foot of Mount Lofty), and Perth (for its splendid isolation, its marina, its maritime museum, and Fremantle port) are all worth a visit. You can choose affordable weekend breaks in Melbourne, book one of the fantastic selection of holiday apartments in Australia or research beautiful apartments for a low price in Sydney.

"Sydney Beach"

Coasts & Surfing

The eighth wonder of the world, according to Australians, is the Great Barrier Reef – about 1,600 miles long, comprising 2.900 individual reefs, 900 islands, and 350 different kinds of coral, which alone justifies a trip to Australia. East coast Australia is for everyone who dreams about paradise location for their holidays. Dunk Island, for example, east of Cairns, has ideal beaches and access to the reef. Heron, Lizard and Fraser Islands offer water sports, wildlife-watching and plenty of coral to see from glass-bottom boats or while snorkeling.

"Great Coral Reef Australia"

In the North, the tourism is sparse so you can enjoy Melville Island, where you will encounter Aboriginal people the Tiwi, and Bathurst Island. The western beaches, however, are seldom visited by international tourists, but include Broome and Perth, ideal for surfers. The Australian coasts are famous for having some of the best waves and surfers in the world.

Traveling far to the southeast, you will reach Byron Bay, where vacationers flee the large crows. Close to Sydney, beach resorts are sprinkled all around. The most renowned is Bondi Beach, where people indulge in ‘beach culture’, displaying their perfect tans and surfing skills. The beaches of the south coast around Adelaide, the Murray River, the Great Ocean Road, and the highlights of the state of Victoria all make a trip to southern Australia worthwhile.

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