The natural wonders of Turkey

The natural wonders of Turkey

"Pamukkale Turkey"Turkey is full of magnificent monuments, archaeological wonders and heavenly beaches. But some of the most beautiful places in Turkey are not those where the man used his powers and talents, but those, where the strongest force the world worked – Mother Nature. Amazing landscapes, blue waters, and impressive rocks can all be found in Turkey. Here is a list of the most amazing wonders of Turkey.


Turkey, appreciating the beauty and natural value of the cotton fortress, created the National Park to protect the wealth of magnificent limestone formations carved by water flowing from the hot interior of the earth. It is possible to take a dip in the hot water enjoying the magnificent landscapes. Fortunately, due to the intervention of UNESCO, the whole tourist infrastructure was eliminated and today we can enjoy the tranquillity of this place restored.

Mount Ararat

Ararat is certainly the queen of the Armenian Highland, its undivided ruler, because in reality it is an extinct volcano (which last erupted more than 10,000 years ago). Two powerful, visible from afar peaks rise to a height of 5,165 and 3,900 meters above the sea level. They are separated by a scenic, but difficult to reach pass. To enter the Ararat you need a special permission for organized groups as the territory is a military zone.

Mount Ararat reigns between two lakes – Van and Sevan. It lies on the territory of Turkey, but most important is for the Armenians, as it is a symbol of Armenia, located in the emblem of this country. Ararat massif is visible even from the capital. If you are on one of the international flights, you can see the volcano from your plane window.

"Mount Ararat, Turkey"


South west of the well known tourist centre of Kemer you will find the picturesque ruins of the ancient city of Olympos. It is here that a legend was born Chimera, a monster shooting tongues of fire. Cause of this story is a natural curiosity of Turkey – active geothermic place among the rocks where natural gas evaporates and lit in fire. It is in Chimaeras, where you can admire the great tongues of fire escaping from the earth.

"Chimaeras, Turkey"

Kelebek Vadisi – Butterfly Valley

The valley lies between the walls of the gorge. You can swim in a perfectly blue waters of the Mediterranean or admire a picturesque waterfall. You can also climb the peak to see the glorious butterflies. You can get here only by water from the town of Oludeniz by a regular water taxi.

"Kelebek Vadisi - Butterfly Valley"

Koprulu Canyon

Koprulu Canyon is one of the wildest places in Turkey. The canyon has a length of 14 kilometres, and it extends along the river Koper. The best to explore the canyon is to take a part in an organized rafting trip. You will be able to see the beautiful, natural rock formations and you will go through and unforgettable rafting experience. Rafting is organized by all agencies operating within the area of Belek.

"Koprulu Canyon, Turkey"

Lake Van

Van is the largest and deepest lake in Turkey. It is highly saline with a maximum depth exceeding 450 meters. It covers area of over 3700 square kilometres. Surprisingly the Lake Van is surrounded by area free from hotel chains and tourists attractions, which makes it a great wild destination. Lake is mainly used industrially to obtain baking soda and salt.

"Lake Van, Turkey"

Kursunlu Waterfall Natural Park

It is the best place in Turkey for nature beauty and long walks lovers. Often, tours in this place are combines with picnics, where you can taste the Turkish delicacies. The water in the park is painted in all possible shades of green and blue. Picturesque waterfalls create an impressive spectacle.

"Kursunlu Waterfall Natural Park, Turkey"


Obruk is a really wonderful place reminiscent of landscapes from another planet. Gorgeous scenery with amazing karts formations creates an incredible impression. Here, on a quiet and flat terrain you suddenly encounter the strange creature – lake 150 meters in diameter, filled with beautiful colour of water.

"Obruk, Turkey"


Anyone very quickly appreciates the natural beauty and wealth of Cappadocia. You can visit there the mysterious underground cities and churches carved into rocks. You can get there easily by car or an organized tour. The place is wildly popular so there is no chance of avoiding the crowds.

"Cappadocia Turkey"

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  1. This post was really great. I spent some time in Turkey but I’d never heard of many of the places mentioned. I’ll make sure to go back, thanks!

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