The World of Coca Cola in Atlanta

The World of Coca Cola in Atlanta

"Coca Cola couple on the beach"Everyone remembers the famous TV advert featuring the long red truck lit with hundreds of lights driving through the snowy landscape, announcing to everyone that Father Christmas and the Christmas holidays are coming!? We don’t even realise how much influence the power of Coca Cola and its advertisement has on our daily lives.

The World of Coca Cola is a permanent exhibition featuring the history of the Coca-Cola Company and its well-known advertising. It is located in the United States in Atlanta, Georgia at Pemberton Palace and it was opened to the public on May 24th in 2007. If you are in the US, it might be a good idea to catch of the internal cheap flights to Atlanta and visit the home of the most popular drink in the world.


At the World of Coca Cola one experiences the fascinating story of the brand in a dynamic, multimedia attraction. The exhibition is divided into two levels, where there is plenty to do and learn about the famous drink. It is possible to walk through a fully-functioning bottling line that produces a complimentary glass bottle of Coca Cola for every guest. On display there are over 1,200 artifacts ranging from vintage bottles to a Coca Cola delivery truck from Argentina. One can watch the thrilling 4-D movie, called ‘In the search of the Secret Formula’. In the ‘Taste it’ beverage lounge it is possible to sample over sixty different drinks made by the Coca Cola Company. Finally, make sure to take a photo with the 7 foot tall Coca Cola Polar Bear!


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