Tips for Planning a Trip to Sweden

Tips for Planning a Trip to Sweden

"Stockholm, Sweden"Planning a trip to any international destination is a great way to see new cultures, languages and historical locations. Sweden offers a wide array of interesting activities that range from relaxing at a modern spa to exploring the cultural aspects that set Sweden apart from other countries in the region. Visitors to Sweden will find that following a few simple tips will make the planning process a little easier.

Get Documentation in Order

Anyone who is planning a trip to Sweden from the United States or Canada will need a passport to enter the country. The passport acts as identification and provides proof of original citizenship. Visitors from the European Union are not required to carry a passport, but will need a national ID to show that their home country is part of the European Union.

Make Arrangements for Accommodations Early
Accommodations are an important part of the stay and might end up pricy if it is booked at the last minute. Tourists will need to take measures to plan for accommodations early to get the best prices and arrangements based on the goal of the trip. If you are looking for affordable vacation packages, you should consider using a travel agency like Liberty Travel.

The price of accommodations is variable based on a wide range of factors, but visitors should expect hotels and other options to cost about the same as countries in the European Union. Even though Sweden uses the Krona instead of the Euro as currency, the prices for hotels and other accommodations are still similar to countries that use a Euro.

Early planning can help cut the cost of hotels and expenses related to accommodations because it is possible to get special deals and rates.

Consider Getting a City Card

Tourists who are visiting a particular city, such as Stockholm or Gothenburg, will find that a city card or pass will help reduce the cost of transportation and visiting different attractions around the city. The card provides access to public transportation as long as the pass is active and even provides some discounts or free entry to museums and similar attractions.

The savings that come with a city card can make it worth the initial expense because less money is used on those visits to various museums and the transportation around town. Since transportation costs can add up quickly, a pass makes sense for those days when travelers plan to visit several attractions.

Look up Local Attractions

Since Sweden has different museums, cafes, amusement parks, resorts, spas and activities throughout the region, it is important to look up the attractions based on the expected destination. The attractions will vary and visitors will have the ability to plan out visits to cultural sights, interesting museums, fun stores and relaxing spas based on the area.

Attractions around Stockholm include the Stockholm Royal Palace, the Vasa Museum, the amusement park Gröna Lund, the Zoo Skansen, and the Stockholm National Museum.

Grona Lund Amusement Park

Gröna Lund is Sweden’s oldest amusement park and it is located in the city of Stockholm. The park has 7 roller coasters including the Twister which is made of wood. Twister opened in 2011 and it is 50 feet tall and moves at around 38mph.  Gröna Lund is also a popular concert venue during the summer.  An interesting aspect of Gröna Lund is that it is built around commercial buildings from the 19th century which are not part of the park.

"Skansen Zoo"


The Zoo Skansen is an open air zoo located in Stockholm, Sweden. It was created in 1891 as a way to show the way of life in different areas of Sweden. The Zoo exhibits many Nordic animals like the bison, red fox, lynx, reindeer and wolf. The zoo attracts over 1.3 million visitors annually.

"Stockholm Royal Palace"

Stockholm Royal Palace

The Stockholm Palace is the official residence of the Swedish Monarch. It is located in Stockholm and it also contains the offices of the king and Swedish Royal Family along with the court of Sweden.

"Vasa Museum"

Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum is a maritime museum which contains an almost fully intact ship from the 17th century which was salvaged. This ship is the warship Vasa which sank in 1628. During a visit to the Vasa Museum, travelers can learn all about life on the ship from the nine exhibitions that are located around the ship. This museum receives over one million visitors annually.

"Stockholm National Museum"

Stockholm National Museum

The national museum was founded in 1792 contains nearly one million drawings from the Middle Ages to the year 1900. Visitors to the museum can also find porcelain items, paintings, sculptures and modern art.

Beyond the rich history and culture of the city, Stockholm also has some of the best cafes, restaurants and nightlife for visitors who are interested in a mixture of modern and historical activities.

Pack Warm Clothing

Sweden is not a warm country. Even in the summer months, it can get chilly for many visitors who come from warmer climates. As a result, it is a wise decision to pack plenty of warm clothing and layering options to help stay warm during the duration of the trip.

Planning a trip to Sweden requires more than simply booking a ticket and making arrangements for a hotel. With so many interesting activities, sights and areas throughout the country, it is important to plan the itinerary in advance for the majority of the trip. Visitors will find that with a little planning and preparation, the trip to Sweden will provide memories that last a lifetime and activities that make the visit worth the time and effort of organizing.

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  1. Ahhh I’ve always wanted to visit Sweden and this post has me feeling extra inspired! I know booking accommodations in advance is key to a good trip, but going through a travel agency is a little too expensive for me. Do you know if Hostelworld has good hotels and hostels for Sweden? I’ve had good luck with it for other countries and I’d love to continue using that site.

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