Top 5 Things to do in Barcelona

Top 5 Things to do in Barcelona

"Elephant in Barcelona"The Europeans tend to travel long distances to Asia, Africa or the Americas. We tend to forget about the exciting cities and places Europe has to offer. We choose those far away destinations, always struggling to find low cost travel insurance or backpacker insurance whereas in Europe we are covered by the European Union insurance! (EU member only) Barcelona is the second biggest city in Spain. It is a unique city that offers some amazing sightseeing trips. The Catalan capital is considered to be one of the most colourful and architecturally interesting cities in Europe.

1.       Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is the greatest hallmark of Barcelona. The basilica was designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi and the construction started in 1882. Initially, the project was commissioned to another architect, but he came into conflict with the association of financing the construction of the temple. Then the building was commissioned by Gaudi, who completely changed the projects, giving it its own style. For the next four decades Gaudi worked intensively on the design continually adapting and changing its original plans.

Sagrada Familia’s towers were completed in 1920, six years after the architect tragically died, bumping into a passing bus, leaving two out of three designed facades unfinished. Due to the organic forms of structure and uniqueness of architectural detail to this day Sagrada Familia has not been finished.

"La Sagrada Familia - Gaudi church in Barcelona"

2.       La Rambla

La Rambla is a famous street in central Barcelona, popular among both tourists and locals. This kilometre long pedestrian street in the Barri Gotic district runs from Placa de Catalunya to the Christopher Columbus monument on the waterfront. La Rambla is always full of street performances, market stalls, and outdoor cafes and it is bursting with life day and night.

"human statue art along Las Ramblas in Barcelona"

3.       Park Güell

Park Guel is a huge garden with architectural elements based in north-central part of Barcelona. The Park was designed by Antonio Gaudi at the request of his friend Eusebio Guell, Barcelona’s industrialist who fascinated with English gardens financed the project, which initially supposed to be a residential premise for the rich bourgeoisie. The Gaudi project has never been completed and in 1922 the authorities of Barcelona bought land and transformed it into a city park.

4.       Magin Fountain in Park Montjuic

In the city centre, near the picturesque park Montjuic tourists can admire one of the main tourist attractions in Barcelons – the Magic Fountain. Everyone wants to see the famous spectacle, during which the fountain spits out streams taking different forms into the tone of music. Water is highlighted to the changing colors of lights, which at night looks really impressive.

"Barcelona by night"

5.       L’Aquarium de Barcelona

It is the largest aquarium in the world, holding specimens of fauna and flora of the Mediterranean Sea. The Aquarium building consists of two levels. At the bottom there are twenty one aquaria with different environmental conditions of the water being reproduced. The greatest interest among tourists has the 80 meter long tunnel with a moving sidewalk in the middle. During your tunnel ride it is possible to watch more than 4000 species of fish, including large sharks.

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  1. Barcelona is such a great city, I’m having a great time here! These are definitely the basic sight seeing you need to do when you come here but I never get tired of going back to the Magic fountains… they’re just amazing!

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