Top European Party Destinations

Top European Party Destinations

"pacha-ibiza"Europe, the home of fine art, exquisite food, rich culture, ancient dynasty’s, and serious partying. For all of it history and traditions, Europe has never failed to show a forward thinking fresh and modern side to itself. This side is composed of a whole array of different elements, but none that epitomize it more so than the European party scene. Made up of the ultra cool, ranging from the Euro-elite Russian Oligarchs to the edgy underground indie bands from trendy east London. There are few scenes around the world capable of rivaling the European party scene. We have therefore compiled a shortlist of the top three best party destinations in Europe.

1. Mykonos – Greece
The perfect destination: incredible long white beaches, non stop sunshine, fantastic choice of water sports, friendly locals and beach bars galore. However that’s just the day.
When night comes, it brings vibrant restaurants, a great selection of bars, and streets bustling with nightlife. Vibrant beach bars dotted along the coast, clubs that go until dawn, beaches dedicated to partying and filled with friendly people all make Greece an excellent place to have some serious fun.
Recommended Clubs: Paradise Club, Space Dance, El Pecado


2. Hvar – Croatia
With the rich and famous cruising in and out of the harbour on a daily basis upon their incredible assortment of superyachts, the clubs are packed full of money, and even more full of the party vibe. Despite the amount of wealth flying around Hvar, the place still remains relatively cheap due to its eastern European location and war torn past that exists only in history books anymore. Of all the destinations covered in this shortlist, this is certainly the one you need to visit the soonest. Its rapidly rising popularity mean that if you fail to go soon, then you could find yourself being blocked out by rising prices sometime in the not too distant future.
Recommended Clubs: Hula Hula Bar, Castle Club, Carpe Diem Nightclub

3. Ibiza – Spain
If you’ve been here, you can’t not get it. It may not be a big island, but that clearly hasn’t stopped it from becoming the biggest party destination in Europe. Since gaining its fashionable status in the 1960’s from hippies who believed it was a great place to ‘relax and chillout’, it is now a hive of non stop activity raring to show the world exactly why it’s the best in Europe.

Out here, the day is the night, and the night is the day. Do not expect to see too much sunshine as its all about the clubs. If you think you can’t find a good club or party, then you probably haven’t made it to Ibiza. No DJ has ever gained true international recognition without playing at one of Ibiza’s clubs, so to witness greatness in the making, you have to go.
Recommended Clubs: Pacha, Space, Privilege, Amnesia

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