Top places where you can get a tan in the winter

Top places where you can get a tan in the winter

"tanning"Canary Islands

In the winter the temperature in the Canary Islands is usually around 20 degrees Celsius but the sun is strong enough to to get you a tan. Volcanic sandy beaches and crystal clear waters ensure ideal conditions for diving that attract tourists throughout the year. Since mid-December to March many tired of cold weather and snow Europeans and Americans arrive there to rest in warm conditions. In February the Canary Islands carnival attracts even more tourists. The most popular are Tenerife, Grand Canaria, and Lanzarote holidays. The best weather during the winter is on Lazarote and Fuerteventura, which are deserts and therefore have warmer weather climate. Lanzarote for example has over 330 days of sunshine a year and mild weather with an average annual temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Nights can be quite cool but that does not stop anyone for having those famous swimming pool sessions at night.

"Lanzarote beach"


Sharm el Sheiks, Hurghada and Taba have probably been the most visited places by Europeans during the winter time. All inclusive holidays in one of the Egyptian resorts offer everything a longing for the sun tourist needs. You can lie on the beach, drink and eat as much as you can, dive at the most beautiful coral reefs in the world and visit the historical sights and pyramids. Most importantly, in Egypt you can tan all year round, but in the winter it gets dark quickly and the evenings are cool. Average temperature in the most popular tourist areas never drops below 20 degrees Celsius. Only in the north of the country in January and February can be much lower. Winter is also a great time to cruise along the Nile river. Many tourists come to Egypt for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

"Egypt beach"

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a paradise for warmth-loving people. Geographical location of the island makes you enjoy the weather throughout the year. Temperatures in December are around 30 degrees Celsius and the sea waters are just little less. In addition to paradise beaches, Sri Lanka also house the lush green jungles with exotic animals and a variety of landscapes with the mountains and waterfalls. You can rest in peace on Sri Lanka or take a trip to ancient sights and attractions such as a ride on the back of an elephant.



Goa can be recognized by picturesque coves, vast, unspoiled beaches and coconut palms. Goa is a former hippie paradise and a former Portuguese colony. You can relax from the rigors of travel through India and the noise of Indian cities. Goa, though tint, offers almost everything for every budget. A delicious, cheap food, accommodation of different standards and beautiful beaches. Goa has also a beautiful town, where you can find an architecture that combines traditional Portuguese architecture and Indian climate. Winter holiday in Goa is a guarantee of a gold tan. Best time to rest in Goa is between January and March, when you can expect a perfect, sunny weather.


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