Top tips to get bikini ready

Top tips to get bikini ready

"weight-loss"Summer is fast approaching and getaways to gorgeous beaches are within sight. Whether an idyllic cove in the Mediterranean, a surfer’s paradise in California, a jungle-fringed beach in Bali, or a seaside village in Cornwall, when the temperature rises we all look forward to hitting the beach. Of course, as much as we love sunning ourselves on the sand or frolicking in the waves, it does mean that the bikinis have to come out – as do our thighs, tummies and hips! If the comfort of thick jumpers and coats have led to you slacking on the fitness front and Easter saw you gorging on chocolate, fear not for you shall don a bikini and you shall be proud of your body! Simply follow our steps to get bikini ready and be prepared to rock that two-piece! I’ve been working out lately to make sure I look good at Miami South Beach in June! (my first holiday this year and I cannot wait!).

Gym tips

Cardio – In the lead-up to your beach break, try to do 30 to 40 minutes of cardio five days a week. Hate running? Doing something you enjoy will ensure you don’t give up after the first week. Join a fun class at the gym, play a game of tennis, or dance in your living room for half an hour.

But don’t forget the weights – Intersperse your cardio work-outs with resistance training, which will not only aid your cardio but will tone your body.

Motivation – If you lack motivation, stick a picture of a gorgeous celeb in a bikini on your treadmill or somewhere you walk by every day and if you feel yourself wanting to take short-cuts, bring up that image in your mind. Working out with a friend can also help as you can motivate each other. And, other than the thought of achieving your end goal, there’s nothing more motivating than rewards – when you’ve done particularly well, treat yourself to a pair of film star sunnies for your holiday or indulge in a treatment or two at a day spa.

Every little helps – We all lead busy lives and it can be difficult to fit in lots of long runs or big sessions at the gym but exercise doesn’t have to be confined to set work-out times. Take the stairs rather than the lift, cycle to work rather than driving, do bottom clenches at your desk, or dance around to music as you vacuum the house. It all helps!

"bikini body, beach body"

This is not me by the way…not yet 😉

Diet tips

Snack attack – If you find yourself feeling hungry in between meals, reach for a handful of nuts or dried fruit instead. Get rid of the highly calorific snacks – if they’re not in your cupboards, you can’t eat them!

Occasional treats – If you forbid yourself from eating anything naughty, you’ll only end up craving it and you’ll be more likely to end up slipping in a big way. Reward yourself with a couple of squares of dark chocolate or a glass of wine a few times a week.

Last, but certainly not least, have confidence and embrace your curves! This season 50s style retro swimwear is hot which is great news for curvy women. We’re talking high-waisted bottoms and bustier tops, both of which offer far more coverage than the average bikini. In fact, women with boobs and a bottom, who can fill out the generous proportions, actually look better in 50s swimwear, so strip off with pride on the beach – after all, there’s nothing more attractive than a woman with confidence!

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