Airport Parking

Airport Parking

"airport parking"We have all heard the horror stories, the man who lost his car while away, or the woman who had her car stolen while overseas, don’t let this be you!

A holiday is a time of relaxation and rejuvenation, dealing with parking issues before and after your holiday will ruin the feeling of the whole trip, below are some great tips on how to avoid unneeded heartache while parking in the UK!

Tip #1

Park and Fly- This option is one of the best when travelling for either long or short periods of time, you drop your car off in a designated parking area, and take a shuttle to the airport (free, provided by park and fly) Heathrow Airport Parking is especially important to simplify, since the airport is so large.

Tip #2

Check the rates- You can often find deals when using the park and fly (some call it the park and go) when you stay for longer periods of time, it sometimes can be cheaper to pay for 7 days, even if you only need 6. Airport Parking discounts are also sometimes handed out in flight.

Tip #3

Options- There is a few different levels of parking, when you choose the park and fly. These range from Quality parking to Business parking. Business parking offers closer parking to the airport as well as a quicker transfer. Gatwick Airport Parking works a little different, providing Valet parking and long stay parking.

Tip #4

Always ask- Every airport works a little different don’t expect the same service at every airport. A great example of this is the difference between Heathrow airport parking and Leeds Bradford Airport Parking; Leeds Bradford offers fewer services and the transfer time could be longer, be safe and ask what the airport offers in terms of parking and services.

Learning where to park while away is easy when you know where to look. A great website to check out you can find out about all the different options and prices at all of the London Park and fly locations.

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