Four reasons to fly from Stansted airport"stansted airport"

Planning a holiday is always fun and it’s especially fun when you’re in the initial exciting stages of booking accommodation and deciding what to do. You’ve picked a destination and you have the perfect holiday in mind, and now all you have to do is make it happen. Using can really help make your expectations a reality. They offer an amazing range of extras that can really transform a holiday and when you’re booking to go through Stansted airport you can truly look forward to a fantastic flight.

1 – The first reason I think you should fly from Stansted airport is because of the range of destinations you can fly to. As the third busiest airport in Britain it’s big enough to cater to everyone, but it’s never as busy and chaotic as the others, so you can always expect a smooth and stress free experience.

2 – Stansted’s proximity to London is the second reason for choosing it. With all the great Stansted airport hotels surrounding the airport you’re bound to find one that is convenient for you, so an overnight stay before your departure is highly recommended. This way you’ll avoid the stress of travelling to the airport on the day and you’ll have the opportunity to visit the great big capital city.

3 – In third place are the Stansted airport car parks. There are plenty near Stansted so you’ll be guaranteed a spot when you book in advance. They are great value and all take extra precautions in making sure your car is safe while you’re away so you can leave your car with peace of mind.

4 – The Stansted airport lounges. These fabulous little havens ensure your airport experience is top class. Again, you can book them at and when you go you’ll be spoilt with free drinks and nibbles! You can relax in the comfy armchairs while your kids enjoy the complimentary magazines.

Here are only my top four reasons for flying through Stansted. The list could go on but I’d be here all day!

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