Travelling on a budget in France: what are your options?

Travelling on a budget in France: what are your options?

"Eiffel Tower, Paris, France"There’s nothing like the great outdoors and, despite the terrible weather undoubtedly lashing the continent much as it is in the UK over the winter months, it’s always good to have a holiday to look forward to at the start of spring. Keeping it cheap is easier than ever before with last minute providers such as Teletext Holidays offering some of the best inexpensive deals for holidays in France, should this appeal to both you and your wallet.

Nearly 11 million Brits head to France each year, whether they’re hitting up the luxurious chateaus of the Loire, trekking through the peaks of the Alps or keeping it simple with a city-based break in Paris, Lyon or Montpellier. The chance to do all of these and more for half the price that others do could give you another low-budget holiday in the future, so follow these three top tips to get away from the UK without breaking the bank!


While great hotels can be found in larger cities in France, more affordable options aren’t exactly hard to find – you just have to look a bit more carefully. It’s better to avoid touristy areas if you don’t want to pay the corresponding price, even if that means learning basic French to communicate with staff at small hotels or hostels. Camping is rife in France, even if you don’t have a tent; camping grounds are much more likely to have dorm-style rooms and chalets for cheap, too.

"chateaus of the Loire"


If you want to visit lots of places, prepare a budget for transport. Public transport in France is dependable though not very cheap; if it’s a long-haul trip, get travel passes for buses and trains. Renting a bike is good in cities and for the surrounding countryside, though smaller places ought to be tackled on foot – you may miss hidden delights otherwise! Roads can be a bit of a nightmare in major cities – particularly Paris – though it’s still worth checking car rental rates for city-to-city journeys as they could still be cheaper than trains.


France will not leave you hungry. Even if you’re avoiding restaurants, bakeries are famed in France for cheap and affordable wares. If you want a hot meal, look out for smaller restaurants; daily menus – the plat du jour – will usually be the best value for money.

You’re all set to find your own excitement – just stay safe and don’t break the bank!

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