Trip to Lisbon

Trip to Lisbon

"28 Electrico tram painting"Try to imagine a city that is like a combination betweenParisandSan Franciscotogether: great green hills, wide avenues, gorgeous views, incredible charm and a beautiful people. Yes you are right I am talking about the beautiful capital ofPortugal, I am talking aboutLisbon.

Lisbon is located in the very inspirational Iberian Peninsulaand that is why, this city was once a great maritime empire that sends explorers all around the world to discover new lands and, of course, to live new adventures. Lisbon is a city that has been able to retain the sights of the past: castles, monuments, and magnificent old neighborhoods, all combined with a fantastic modern spirit that makes you feel in the heart of the connections between to universes.

Let’s start our tour downtown with the famous 28 Electrico tram, which is  a must do activities for all travelers staying at Lisbon apartments, since it will take you through the hills of the city, while giving you the opportunity to appreciate its colorful neighborhoods, narrow streets, parks, quarters and churches. Also, don’t forget to hop on the famous lift that takes you from the lowest city to the upper neighborhoods, surely you will love the breathtaking views from up there.


The most photographed monument in Lisbon is the famous the Towerof St Vincent, which is better known as Belém Tower. This beautiful building was designed by Francisco Arruda and was erected in the year of 1516 as a fortress to protect the harbor entrance, which at time, before the coast moved to the south, it was actually located in the heart of the Tagus River. The Belém Tower was the departure point of countless ships that were always looking for new adventures.

Right next to the Belém Tower, is the Monument to the Discoveries, which was built in 1960 by architect José Ângelo Cottinelli Telmo, and sculptor Leopoldo de Almeida to commemorate the five hundredth anniversary of the death of Prince Henry the Navigator. Located in the same area is the Hieronymites Monastery, which is considered as the best representation of the Manueline, or Portuguese late Gothic architectural style. Declared in a World Heritage by UNESCO, this monastery was constructed in honor to the Virgin of Belem. Although the300 meters long Façade is so impressive by itself, you should also visit or the inside of the church in which you will find the tomb of the famous Vasco da Gama.

Continuing our tour to the oldest and most populated district in Lisbon, Alfama is a seductive labyrinth of steep streets and endless stairs. Although its urban layout has clear Moorish origins, some of its buildings still retain vestiges of the time of the Visigoths, making Alfama one of the biggest tourist attractions ofLisbon. This colorful neighborhood was populated by the Portuguese aristocracy, which later abandoned it to be inhabited by fishermen and sailors, who gave it its unique character that never fails to charm its visitors.

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