Turn up the passion with Flamenco in Madrid

Turn up the passion with Flamenco in Madrid

"flamenco"No visit to Spain’s capital city would be complete without experiencing the passion of the national dance: Flamenco. Though flamenco’s origins are shrouded in the past, some believe that this dance and music form was carried to Spain in the 1600s by Muslim refugees. Others theorize that flamenco’s roots lie in a blend of influences from Spain’s period of rule over Flanders. It is known that flamenco performances were a major attraction in 18th century theatres. 

Today, flamenco can be formal — performed in a theatre or concert venue by classically trained musicians and dancers — or informal, a spontaneous gathering of local performers and enthusiasts known as a juerga. Whilst you’re in Madrid, be sure to catch a performance in the local area where the originality of the dance is still portrayed as beautifully as its origins and you can even participate yourself! There are a number of cheap Madrid hotels nearby the spots mentioned in this post; it’s easy to experience the passion of Flamenco. 

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Often considered the best Flamenco show in Madrid, the Corral de la Moreria is located in the heart of the city and is featured in the bestselling book “1,000 Places to See Before You Die.” The Corral de la Moreria opened its doors in 1956 and has hosted the world’s best dancers and musicians, including Maria Albaicin, Manuela Vargas, Antonio Gades and the Guito. A performance or two is scheduled almost every day of the year, where you can enjoy the show whilst enjoying a meal from the impressive gastronomy menu.

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The Casa Patas offers what can only be described as one of the most authentic Flamenco experiences in Madrid. The venue houses a tavern and restaurant filled to the brim with traditional wall hangings and paintings of previous dancers; you can’t help but feel inspired to have a little dance yourself. The in house show offers a full schedule of performances. Situated in the Flamenco-centric de Lavapies neighborhood, the Casa Patas provides nightly entertainment that often lasts through the early hours of the morning.

If you want to experience the contemporary rhythms of Flamenco then you must stop by at Cardamomo Tablao Flamenco. With its simple décor and black walls, this underground club hosts an intimate setting complete with bar area and tapas options for dinner. Enjoy the raw passion of the dancers as you sit spellbound swaying to the live instrumentals.

If you are inspired by the shows why not have a go yourself with the many clubs offering you the chance to join in the passionate dance movement after the show. The Florida Park Night Club offers you a fully rounded Flamenco experience enjoy the show and then dance the evening away, complete with drinks and options of tapas and dinner. So turn up the heat and get into the Spanish groove with the harmonies of the live music played by the club’s string orchestra. Many of the hotels will be able to book a tour to this venue for you.

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