Twin Centre Trips: Three to Inspire

Twin Centre Trips: Three to Inspire

"Outback Australia"Twin centre trips are, essentially, the chance to see more than one destination as part of one holiday. While you may be used to hopping on the plane and spending a week or two in one resort, a twin-centre holiday helps you to see more than that, giving you a heightened experience and unforgettable memories.

While the thought of a once in a lifetime trip may mean concerns about finances, a twin centre trip means that you will be able to bundle a couple of dreams into the same package, giving you less to worry about as you plan your vacation.

Whether you choose to fly into one resort and leave via another, or whether you want to hop between destinations before heading home is completely up to you. The growing trend in twin and multi-centre trips shows how popular these vacations are, with these options being awesome choices, depending on what your dreams are made of.

Australia: Melbourne & Sydney

Tour the East Coast of Australia by hopping onto one of the Melbourne flights that depart our UK airports, seeing what Victoria is all about, before driving up the east coast to Sydney and stopping to visit beaches, sights and towns along the way. Once you’ve arrived in Sydney, spend a few days exploring this vibrant city; climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, catch an event at the Opera House or indulge in some fine dining and boutique retail therapy before flying home from Sydney airport.

South East Asia: Thailand & Singapore

Thailand alone is enough to keep many people’s thoughts and dreams satiated, but incorporating a twin centre visit to Singapore will expand your horizons even further. Explore the Thai capital, Bangkok, relax on the unspoilt sandy beaches and embrace the local culture before heading to Singapore, one of the cleanest, busiest ports in the world.


Africa: South Africa & Mauritius

Head to the southern tip of Africa first, to immerse yourself in the incredible natural beauty of the area. From the Garden Route to the Dolphin Coast of KwaZulu Natal, you will be in a perfect spot to admire the magnificence of the region. From here, head over to Mauritius, where luxury comes as standard. Bliss.


The possibilities are endless when you consider combining more than one centre into your trip. Why stop at a twin centre break either? If you have the time, and the budget, a multi-trip will help to tick off plenty of your bucket list items in one fell swoop – what are you waiting for?

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