Visiting Paris for free

Visiting Paris for free

"paris skyline"Paris is a city of love, the capital of fashion, art and culture. Paris is a city full of splendor and elegance, but not only for the rich. It is in Paris that crowds of tourists from around the world welcome the New Year. If you want to visit Paris you do not have to have a stuffed wallet. Fortunately, just like in London or any other of the main European cities, there is lot of things that you can explore for free. Also, instead a pricy hotel you can choose to stay in one of the Paris apartments to rent.

Notre Dame Cathedral

It is one of the most beautiful and famous temples in the world and is an obligatory point during your visit in Paris. It is a stunning masterpiece of Gothic ornaments carved in stone and raw colours that fill the interior of the cathedral. You can admire cathedral’s many stained glass windows. This two-storey chapel is a testament to craftsmanship of the medieval masters. Admission to the Cathedral is free, however, you have to pay for the entrance to the tower.

"Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris"

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Also for free, you can visit one of the world’s greatest cemetery Pere Lachaise Cemetery. You will find there graves of many famous people, musicians and writers, such as Jim Morrison from the band The Doors, writer Oscar Wilde, composer Frederic Chopin and a singer Edith Piaf. Pere Lachaise cemetery is also one of the most beautiful parks in Paris. It occupies a total of over 48 hectares with more than 5 thousands of trees, most of which are monuments of nature.

"Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris"

Parc Monceau

Parc Monceau is situated in the 8th district and has a rich history that makes it a fascinating place to visit in any season. During the Paris Commune in 1871, Parc Monceau was the site of the massacre of many of the Communards, who had sought refuge here. The park was also the site of the first jump with a parachute, and a popular open air painting of artists such as Monet. The park has also many interesting sculptures, including Frederic Chopin monument.

"Parc Monceau, Paris"

Saint Martin Canal

It is one of the places where Parisians spend their free time. Saint Martin Canal is a water route that runs through eleven districts of Paris. The channel is now a popular place for recreation for inhabitants of Paris and its surroundings have changed the nature of working-class neighborhood, which in result became a fashionable area of residence. Tourists visit charming and romantic canal bridges as well as small restaurants and cafes, where you can eat well and listen to good music.

"Saint Martin Canal, Paris"


Belleville is a district attached to Paris until the end of the nineteenth century. Today it is mainly known for its cultural diversity and the independent music scene as well as artists. Belleville attracted the avant-garde Paris and became the true centre of bohemian Paris, with numerous studies and workshops scattered in quiet streets and alleys. It is also worth visiting Belleville Park, which offers a beautiful panorama of Paris.

"Belleville, Paris"

Le Marais

Le Marais district in one of the oldest ones in Paris. Every step of the way you meet with the history of this city. There are plenty of palaces, museums, narrow medieval streets, numerous cafes and interesting shops selling vintage stuff. It used to be the most fashionable residential area until the time of the Revolution. Today, once again it becomes desirable place to live and a tourist destination.

"Le Marais, Paris"

Champ de Mars

The Champ de Mars is a large public greenspace in Paris located between the Eiffel Tower to the northwest and the Ecole Militaire to the southeast. It looks impressive from the top of the Eiffel Tower, but for this view you have to pay. Fortunately, the bottom of the fields is also interesting. Loans and flower beds are maintained with military precision.

"Champs de Mars, Paris"


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