Walking tours and holiday apartments in Rome

Walking tours and holiday apartments in Rome

"rome coloseum"When you visit Rome, there are many options for walking tours as well as Rome apartments. The smartest thing to do is to choose which walking tours you are interested in and then look for apartments near those tours. This way you will be located within easy access of the areas you want to reach. It can be confusing to plan a trip like this. Read on for some useful information.

Options for Rome Walking Tours and Apartments

1. Trastevere area is one popular attraction to walk through, because it is one of the most authentic neighborhoods in Rome. It has paved, narrow streets with many venues such a restaurants, cafes and cinemas. It also has some churches and the Piazza de Santa Maria. There are apartments available right in this section of the city. One such apartment in this district ranges from € 84,00 to € 156,00 daily for 4 people, depending on the season.

2. Vatican City has long been featured in the walking tours for Rome along with the ancient part of the city of Rome. The Vatican museums, Coloseum, and Trevi Fountain are just part of what could be seen. If you are traveling with many friends, one of the apartments in Rome that will suit you better in this area is one that sleeps up to 6 or 8 guests, which  can be rented from € 170,00 to € 288,00 per night. Again this does depend on which season it is in at the time. Low season is, of course, the cheapest.

"Rome Plaza_de_San_Pedro"

3. Some tours could be a combination walk and ride, as in seeing Catacombs and then going through the roman countryside. After riding through the countryside, you come back to tour some of the ancient and old areas of the city. Via Marghera near the Termini Station is one of the starting places for such a tour. In this area is quite easy to find accommodation from € 100,00 to € 168,00 daily for 4 people. It is good to check out more than one apartment, so you are sure you get the type of accommodations you need.

4. Some tours are held in the evenings rather than daytime. This way you can see some of the ancient ruins lit up for a different view of them. You can enjoy the Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Coloseum, and Captioline Hill. If you stay in the area of the Piazza Navona, you will have easy access for nighttime tours and the second to none wide rage of bars and discos for you to party until the break of dawn.

Amenities for apartments throughout Rome could vary, but things like a kitchen, Internet connection, LCD TV, and hot/cold heater could be included. Online is a great place to check out the walking tours and apartments for your trip to Rome. You need to start planning today so you can get both daily and weekly rates for your accommodations! The more information you research into now, the more fun you will have when you arrive. Rent accommodations that are convenient to the many sights you wish to visit.

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