Warsaw – Poles’ guilty pleasure?

Warsaw – Poles’ guilty pleasure?

I tend to visit Warsaw often because it is probably one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in Poland. It has everything a big city has to offer including a number of theatres, cinemas, shopping centres, museums, parks, plus

"Presidential Palace in Warsaw"

what has been arguably said to be the best nightlife in Europe (the clubs tend to be open until morning during the week as well as the restaurants where you can chill out with your friends and enjoy a dinner/breakfast straight after intense clubbing).

Poland is an exciting country in terms of the variety of cultures. The Poles who live up North at the seafront differ from those from the middle country and the latter from the people living in the Southern part of Poland, the mountains. Warsaw, however, brings together all those cultures becoming a melting pot of the best Poland has to offer.

Despite the fact that 85% of Warsaw was destroyed by the Nazi Germany during the Second World War, including the amazing historical sights, there are still some places worth visiting. Every summer I tend to go around Warsaw looking for sights, where the time has stopped and the buildings take you back in time long before the first German tanks entered the city."The Old Town in Warsaw"

Every time I’m in Warsaw I pop in to the centre and old part of the city. I take a walk at Krakowskie Przedmieście, which is the most vibrant and prestigious street in Warsaw. Walking the streets of the Old Town and New Town allows you to rest from the hustle of central city life. Atmospheric alleys, squares, and cosy cafés create a unique sense of history, and in the summer, the Old and New Town Squares become stages for musical and theatrical performances and open-air galleries. You also can’t miss the Presidential Palace, the University of Warsaw, the Royal Castle, the Old Town Market Square, the Monument of the Warsaw Mermaid, and the numerous churches that are the bedrock of the Eastern European culture.


"The Old Town in Warsaw"

I think my top destination in Warsaw is the Łazienki Królewskie Park – Palace Complex. It is one of the most beautiful of this type in Europe. Established in the 17th century, the landscape gardens feature many interesting architectural monuments, the most important of which include the Palace on the Island built for King Stanislaw August Poniatowski – Poland’s last monarch. You can walk around eating an ice-cream and have a little chat with local squirrels and peacocks….probably not what a sane person would do but you know different people like different things ; )

The second destination I would like to mention is Wilanów Park – Palace Complex. Unlike Łazienki Królewskie Park, Wilanów is not placed in the centre of Warsaw, but taking a short trip by a local bus is definitely going to be rewarded!  Wilanów is the summer residence of King Jan III Sobieski and then Augustus II as well as subsequent aristocratic families. It is an excellent representation of European Baroque at its height and homage to the former greatness of the Republic. The palace is surrounded by a magnificent, two levels Baroque Italian garden and a romantic park in English style. Wilanów is also the venue of important cultural events and concerts.

"The Old Town in Warsaw" Many Poles (non-Warsaw) do not like to admit they like to spend time in the capital, and they tend to describe people living in Warsaw as arrogant but I just think it is due to their jealousy about the abundance of things Warsaw has to offer and what other usually smaller places can only dream of ; )

(Just to be clear I come from the Middle West of Poland, near German border, miles away from Warsaw).




The Old Town of Warsaw

"The Old Town of Warsaw in winter"Krakowskie Przedmiescie

"The Old Town of Warsaw in winter" the Old Town Market Square

Łazienki Królewskie Park

"Peacock in Łazienki Królewskie Park - Palace Complex"

"Łazienki Królewskie Park - Palace Complex in Warsaw"

"Theatre in Łazienki Królewskie Park - Palace Complex"


"Museum Palace at Wilanów"

Museum Palace

"Polish ginger squirrel" Polish ginger squirrel


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  1. It’s strange that I was in Paris, Berlin, Prague, London and Cairo, but never in the Polish capital (excluding visits to the airport). I hope that someday there will spend some time in Warsaw – maybe early autumn…

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