What will you do in Cyprus? Relax, Explore or Indulge

What will you do in Cyprus? Relax, Explore or Indulge

"cyprus beach"Depending on age, lifestyle, likes and interests, holidays mean something different to everyone. You could be forgiven for wanting to do nothing but laze around on the beach if you have been working 18 hour days for months on end. On the other hand, if you are a culture vulture you no doubt would want to spend your days exploring the local heritage sites and expanding your knowledge.

Whatever it is that interests you, head to Cyprus. Why? Well because no matter your holiday aspirations, you can be sure that they will be fulfilled on one of the world’s most beautiful and luxurious islands!

Relax Body and Mind

Looking for white sandy beaches and crystal clear warm waters to cool off in? Cyprus’s Nissi Beach sounds like the sort of place you would enjoy. It is a popular place for tourists, although nowhere near as crowded as the nearby Ayia Napa beach, so you can laze around to your heart’s content. Here’s a tip – visit towards the end of the traditional holiday season in September. Cyprus holidays at this time of year are becoming more popular for those in the know as it is still lovely and warm but nowhere near as busy, meaning there is even more of a relaxed feel to the place.

Whilst chilling at the beach is the perfect way to unwind, sometimes it is just not possible to totally soothe body and mind. For this, you should head to one of the islands top spas, such as the one found at Le Meridien Limassol Spa & Resort. Let your worries drift away and emerge reinvigorated and totally recharged.

"cyprus village"

Stretch your Legs and Explore

If sitting on a beach all week is your idea of hell, don’t worry, Cyprus has thousands of years worth of history to explore – so much so that you’ll be hard pressed to fit it all in on one visit. There are plenty of Roman sites and castles on the island, with Kyrenia Castle, Kantara Castle, St. Hilarion Castle and Buffanvento Castle always extremely popular with visitors. Alternatively, holidays to Paphos, with its Roman history and small but beautiful harbour is always an option and is slowly becoming a tourist hotspot for eager sightseers.

If local history is not really your thing though, there is still plenty of other things to see and do in Cyprus. The southern slopes of the Troodos Mountains and Paphos itself are famous wine producing regions and there are plenty of opportunities to see how grapes become wine. You could easily spend all day trying the local produce – just don’t go overboard if driving!

"Paphos Hafen"

Indulge Yourself for Once

One of the best things about travelling abroad is there is the opportunity to sample local restaurants and try foods and flavours you have never experienced before. Cyprus is a food lover’s paradise, with traditional meals made from the freshest ingredients possible. Due its location at the far end of the Mediterranean, Cypriot dishes have over the centuries been influenced by many different countries, from Greece to Turkey to name but a few. Meeze is the famous national dish – portions can be huge so make sure you have plenty of room before ordering! Fish lovers will never have seen such a selection available in most costal restaurants, just sprinkle with local lemon juice and enjoy.

Cyprus is many things – from the ideal place for cheap all inclusive holidays to a luxurious place to unwind. This is why it continues to be such a popular holiday destination for people with totally different ideas of what they want to do when they arrive. Whether you want to top up your tan, eat yourself stupid or explore the sights and sounds, make sure Cyprus is at the top of your destination list!

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