Where to find the best accommodation in Venice?

Where to find the best accommodation in Venice?

"Venice hotel"‘Dead season’ is a concept completely foreign to Venice. This city never experiences a day without tourists who flock here year round from around the world. Therefore, before leaving for Venice, it’s better to plan your accommodation far in advance.

There is a professional organization called Venezia Si, which deals with searching and reservation of accommodation, including cheap B&B and five star hotels across the whole lagoon. It provides a base of more than 400 objects. Accommodation, including good Venice apartments can be found and reserved by either phone or on the website (www.veneziasi.it). There are also information points located at the Marco Polo Airport, Piazzale Roma and Santa Lucia train station. In addition, to the reservation you can also find out there about transportation, buy maps, guides, tickets for vaporetti, museums, VENICEcard, and other useful things you might need while staying in the city.

Hotels in Venice can be very pricy, and the only more expensive cities are Hong Kong and Moscow. Compared to the rest of Italy, Venice hotels are 10-30% more expensive, which is mainly due to its special location. At a peak of the tourist season (April-September) demand for accommodation far exceed supply, so you need to think about the reservations long in advance.

It is usually difficult to find accommodation during the Venetian Carnival in February, as well as during the Christmas and New Year period. In the less popular months, especially in November and March, the number of hotels in the Lido is closed, which severely limits the choice. If we want to go to Venice for a short trip, we need to bear in mind that finding accommodation during the week rather than weekend tends to be easier. If there are no vacancies in Venice, guests are sent to Mestre or Lido di Jesolo. The first city is an overgrown city and the second is a seaside resort. Both are quite far from Venice and they are only a good solution for people with a limited budget, or families with children, who want to take advantage of the beach.

For those, who does not like too much pomp and impersonal design should look for smaller and cheap hotels. Those are the most desirable ones in Venice that is why you must book at least three months in advance. First, you need to decide if you would like to stay in the historic centre of Venice, or on one of the islands. The most romantic place, of course, is old Venice, where there is a wider choice of dining options but the drawback is that the hotels rooms can be a bit small and you cannot expect to always have a great view at the canal.

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