Why is it worth living around locals when travelling?

Why is it worth living around locals when travelling?

"street in Lloret de Mar"The best way to fully experience travelling abroad is to live in a non-touristic area, in a private rent accommodation rather than in often expensive hotels. Every time I have been traveling to Spain, I choose to stay among the locals because I want to get a real feel about Catalonia and observe people’s everyday lives. That way, I have met many fascinating Spaniards and often despite the language barrier we ended up finding a common way of communication…so called tequila 😉

For some, booking a private short-term accommodation can be associated with a risky and stressful way of travelling. However, there are ways of overcoming those fears. The best way to book a private rent lodgings is through Roomorama.com . This online service connects travellers and people renting out their flats and apartments from all over the world. It is one hundred percent secure. Travellers are given an opportunity to directly interact with the property owns before the booking is made. What is more, the flats offered on the Roomorama have been ranked by their customers providing a reassurance of the quality of the flat. Most importantly, the website offers short term lets in 328 cities across the world so no matter the destination, one can find an accommodation that suits their expectations.

I am planning visiting Paris soon and booking a flat in the city centre on Roomorama. I will definitely keep you posted on my experiences with them.

4 thoughts on “Why is it worth living around locals when travelling?

  1. Agata, you are so right. When I was a college kid, I spent several summers in Greece and really bonded with the locals. They tell you their ways…they told me house wine is the best kept secret! LOL. We were drinking expensive wine and thought house wine was tabboo..little did we know. Have a good time in Paris. Hope to see you in NYC one day.

  2. I just used roomorama in paris, it was great! my host was so nice and accommodating. he wasnt home most of the time, but told us to call him if we needed advice on where to eat for cheap, and we did make a few calls to him. he gave us great tips on how to live like a parisian and didnt even fuss about the calls we made to him. it was such a pleasant stay and saved me some cash booking with roomorama instead of staying in a hotel. hope you have a great trip in paris too agata!

  3. So jealous- I need a vacation! Last time I went to Paris the hotel I stayed at was so cramped and blah…def trying roomorama next time.

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