Why the Olympics make me happy to live in London

Why the Olympics make me happy to live in London

"London bridge in rain, Olympics 2012"Every year 30 million international visitors come to London. The capitol of England is the world’s leading tourism destination and the city is a home to an array of famous attractions. It is stated that the tourism revenue constitute 10 per cent of London’s gross value added and contributes to the employment of up to 13 per cent of London’s workforce.

I can only imagine how much money the 2012 Olympics must have generated for London! Sports sympathisers, who came to London from across the world need to eat, sleep and travel around the city, not mentioning thousands of pounds spent on the tickets to see their favourite competitions.

Some people come to London to combine a few things: they like to do some sightseeing, watch the games, and even stay longer to learn English in London. But what is in it for an average Londoner like myself, who not necessarily gets all excited about watching other people throwing a metal ball or jumping on the poles? There are few reasons why I actually enjoy the Olympics:

  1. Despite the ongoing hype about the tube and trains being packed, I’ve actually enjoyed some free space in the underground for a change! Surprisingly, there are far less people on the tube than I anticipated. I think it is partially to do with the fact that there is summer holidays at school and people took off from work to spend time with their kids and a lot of companies allow their employees to work from home during the Olympics.
  2. Entertaining opening ceremony on TV and then watching the amazing fireworks from the local park. Probably will be the same case for the closing ceremony.
  3. Handsome, fit men walking around London! There is plenty fish in the sea but since the Olympics began there has been even more fish rushing through London streets. Stay for longer sports fans!
  4. Watching people doing exercise at the telly makes me want to go and do some workout myself. Recently started playing tennis regularly and I do blame the Olympics!
  5. After the Olympics is over, it would be great to walk around the Olympic village with all the tourists long gone and maybe even have a swim in the swimming pool Michael Phelps won a few goldies. Some of the venues will be open to the public, which is a great use of the money they spent building the Village

"Olympic village, London 2012"

"London Bridge, London Olympics 2012"

"Olympic gold medal, London 2012"

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